Watch 2 TeD Talks and article, answer the questions, please list the number of t

Watch 2 TeD Talks and article answer the questions please list the number of the questions. (150 words the link is not included) 1. What was a question you had about this weeks content? 2. What is something you learned from this weeks content? 3. As I was looking for good virtual museums I found all kinds of live webcams at aquariums and zoos. There are some fun ones out there! The pandemic has changed so many things. Do a search and find a live webcam of an animal “ make sure it is one you really like. Post the link in your forum post. 4. Think about the recommendations that the Hurst article made for how to improve STEM education. How can things like virtual museum tours or live webcams meet some of those recommendations? What would you need to do to make the experience more aligned with their recommendations? Video links:

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