You will work in your team of 2 to complete the online poverty simulation found

You will work in your team of 2 to complete the online poverty simulation found at (Links to an external site.)Your paper needs to be a minimum of two full pages of content not including the APA title page and reference will work together to complete a budget for a fictional family of four.It is your fictional family, so you decide the composition of the family and their lifestyle. Complete the “Build-a-Budget Worksheet”. Bring a paper hard copy to class. Copy and paste the below into a search engine.…If unsure of the amounts, Google costs of rents/ mortgages, utilities, etc. List the monthly costs. To get the yearly income needed to cover all the categories multiple the monthly costs by 12 (months), and add all categories.To receive credit each student must post both the finished budget and your resources/services available paper for struggling families to MyClasses and bring a hard copy of both to class for class discussion.Then tell us about your family in your Resources/Services paper. 1. Who are they, where they are working (if they are)and how much money do they bring in annually and what are their yearly expenses? 2. How are they doing?In your social work role as a resource provider/case manager/broker/advocate/coordinator/initiator/evaluator, identify a minimum of four programs and services available to impoverished families in Maryland.
What services would clients/struggling families need to reduce the stress and other unhealthy factors in their life?
.Discuss the importance of these social work roles in working with families struggling with poverty.
You will write this paper and the budget jointly and then each student needs to submit both the budget (scanned in or sent as a PDF) and your Resource/Services paper individually to MyClasses to receive credit for the assignment.
Requirements: 2 pages   |   .doc file

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