KIND Healthy Snacks is one of the fastest growing companies in the snack food in

KIND Healthy Snacks is one of the fastest growing companies in the snack food industry. The company reached roughly $500M in sales last year and they’re expected to grow significantly as they introduce new product lines. The company always stays true to their core values when it comes to developing and integrating new products into their portfolio. In fact, that’s one of the key reasons why the company has been successful with all the products they’ve rolled out to date.The question really is, how far out of the snack aisle can KIND go? KIND’s management seems to think pretty far. Do you agree?To prepare for class, put yourself in the role of a marketing employee at KIND. You’ve just been asked for your input, along with everyone else in the marketing department, and it is your chance to shine. Write a memo of no more than one page to KIND President, John Leahy, outlining your thoughts on extending the KIND brand.Please be sure to consider and make clear:(1) Should KIND consider producing products outside of the snack food isle? Why or why not? (It is OK to recommend no extension as long as you defend it well).(2) Assuming they decide to move forward with an extension, what is the first products (or product groups) that KIND should produce and why?(3) Who would this new product predominantly target?(4) Does this product run the risk of cannibalization (i.e. taking sales away from the company’s existing products)? Why or why not?Please make sure your memo is presented in a professional and organized fashion and does not exceed one (1) typed page. Be prepared to discuss your analysis in class.
Requirements: 2-3

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