The companies assigned are:Playstation ( sony) VS. Xbox (Microsoft)Write 3 pages

The companies assigned are:Playstation ( sony) VS. Xbox (Microsoft)Write 3 pages comprehensive, comparative analysis of two companies. (check attached doc for detailes about writing and instructions about writing and reference) Please stick to all instructions mentioned here and in the document attached. And plagiarism is zero tolerance.1. Confirm and identify that both of your firms are public firms and traded on a stock exchange. Clearly identify the industry your firms are in and identify this industry.2. Explain how your firms compete against each other in your industry. Discuss their sales, income, and their target segments. Be sure to translate foreign companies figures into U.S. Dollars for ease of comparisons. You should be able to confirm that they are similar enough in size and in their target segments that you will be able to compare them in your firm analysis. If you choose firms with multiple divisions, clarify which divisions you will analyze and that you can get specific financial information for those divisions. Your data should be based, preferably, on 2019 – 2020 financials.3. Include a “Reference” section at the end of your paper. Your references should include the annual reports of both firms, at least one reference from a research database (e.g., Value Line), at least one trade journal (e.g., Chemical Week), and at least one business media source (Business Week, etc.). only use Datamonitor, Hoovers (or other similar databases) or Wikipedia (or Investopedia, etc.)to a limited degree.4. You references must be annotated and use Academy of Management style.5. Conclude with your own well-developed paragraph on why researching this material is important to you as a business student and manager.
Requirements: 3 pages

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