Essay Task:Some people think that some types of criminals should not go to priso

Essay Task:Some people think that some types of criminals should not go to prison. Instead they should do unpaid work in the community. To what extent do you agree?In your 1st Draft you are required to present a clear position on a topic (a thesis statement) in the introduction. You then support your thesis statement in the body of the essay, using relevant ideas and evidence from sources in the reading list. You will present your own ideas, opinions and analysis throughout your essay as well as the ideas of others. You need to go beyond just describing and summarising; you must critically analyse the topic and synthesise from at least 4 sources. When you use someone else’s ideas and opinions, you must correctly acknowledge those by referencing appropriately. Citations MUST be included both within the text and in the reference list at the end of the text according to Harvard Referencing Style conventions. (NB: Reference list is always a separate page).You should demonstrate your ability to:· synthesise (interpret, compare and contrast ideas from sources);· paraphrase effectively using various paraphrasing techniques;· apply academic style conventions;· reference sources accurately (in-text and in the reference list) applying Harvard Referencing Style conventions;· structure the essay appropriately (introduction containing a clear thesis statement, body paragraphs structured appropriately, conclusion).
Requirements: 1day   |   .doc file

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