There are 2 responses. Write a 100 word response for each. Response 1.) Alicia M

There are 2 responses. Write a 100 word response for each. Response 1.) Alicia Many today do believe that the unexplainable happenings on earth are a “sequence of random accidents.” I have inquired and can currently comprehend that secular beings will not accept the wonders of God because the lack of tangible evidence of God and faith. Personally, the gaining of truth in Godly signs and mysteries for me derived through experience that I claim to be of Christ because of studying Biblical text and acquired knowledge of Godly nature. In addition, personal belief in the orderly ways of Christ commenced by truly capturing what has been Biblically recorded and everything that was mentioned of God’s doing had divinely ordered steps and instruction. That is why I truly believe that God only operates according to His perfect timeframe and not basing it on our own yearnings.Response 2.) Eric To define divine inspiration, one must first understand the two words separately. Divine is defined as “like God” or “relating to God.” Inspiration is defined as doing something creative or mentally stimulated. Together, divine inspiration is defined as a mental stimulation of things of God. Divine inspiration correlates to Christianity by believing it was only intermittent. The priest or prophets could not just prophesize whenever they want to but only spoke or written the word of God as the Holy Spirit moved them. For example, in 2 Peter 1: 20-21, one must understand that no prophecy of Scripture is from any private, personal, or unique interpretation. However, no prophecy ever originated because a random man willed it, but men spoke from God, who the Holy Spirit moved.

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