Individual Assignment: WBS & Schedule DevelopmentSelect any project of your choo

Individual Assignment: WBS & Schedule DevelopmentSelect any project of your choosing and develop a detailed project schedule, displaying, precedence diagraming, milestones, and project life cycle.The project schedule should include at least three major tasks (or subprojects) and have a depth of 2-3 layers, excluding the head box where you state your project names.You will first need to develop a work breakdown structure (WBS). Recall that the WBS is used as the foundation of any project planning work, including scheduling. Be sure to enter all WBS layers into your MS Project file. To learn how this is done, study one or more of the MS Project templates. You need to enter durations and predecessors of only the planning level tasks. The higher levels will be calculated and populated by the software automatically. Take the time to experiment with this feature.Submit a single Project Schedule file in the assignment’s drop box no later than the deadline specified.For your individual assignment here is a sample of me what I am looking for (in terms of a wbs):Discovery (Optional)
Assessment of business case vs available options
Cost and benefit of options
Cost assessment and affordability
PlanningArchitectural assessment
Architectural Design
Milestone: Architecture Design Complete
Procurement task #1
Procurement task #2
Milestone: Procurement Complete
ImplementationInstallation of hardware
Configuration of hardware
Testing of hardware
Milestone: Hardware Installation Complete
Installation of Software
Configuration of Software
Testing of Software
Milestone: Software Installation Complete
Monitoring & ControllingVerification of technical
Verification of quality
verification of cost analysis
Transition to Completiontechnical completion done
transition to Production
demonstration of dependencies using all available precedence relationships applicable (beyond just FS). Attached is the rubric. overall from top to bottom there should be about 40-50 lines. Please contact Shiva Yazdanpanah (your assigned tutor) for more help.
Requirements: 5-6 pages

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