Learning Goal: I’m working on a management multi-part question and need an expla

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management multi-part question and need an explanation to help me learn.I have to put this into video format, so please make the answers easily verbalized. THE SITUATION: Your employer, Al Williams, runs a family owned hamburger business. It is located in the Fort Myers area of Lee County, and it is a successful business selling Hamburgers, all kinds of hamburgers. Al knows you are taking Small Business Management, and feels comfortable giving you this challenging new assignment. Al thinks it’s time to be creative and innovative regarding his menu by adding hot dogs, but has no idea who might buy them, how to make them, how to market them, what his target market might be, or how to price them?Your mission here is collaborate with your classmates by sharing comments and suggestions prior to submitting your recommendations to Al This new menu item has specific needs and requirements to get this new product up and running, and into the hands of your existing customers. In addition, the hope is to attract new customers, who are drawn to the business as a result of this new and exciting menu itemThere is a lot to consider, and at a minimum you need to present to Al responses to the following questions in your video: You are making a presentation, so be sure to look into the camera.What kind of competitive research should he conduct prior to launching into hot dogs.
How should he promote this product inside the store? What social media platform do you think would work best to promote his new product? (Explain Why)
Will the business need to hire more staff , or can he rely on the staff that is already in place (explain why).
What new equipment and supplies might he need to buy to offer this new menu item?
Assuming the average customer buys a hot dog, drink and chips, what do you expect the total combo ticket price to be? He needs an exact dollar amount to add to the poster above. What is your pricing assumption based on?
After considering the cost to Al to offer this combo meal, what is his expected profit on a combo meal?
Note: Your pricing and cost estimates presented here will also be used in a future budgeting/spreadsheet assignment.
Requirements: 20-30 words per questions

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