Learning Goal: I’m working on a art question and need guidance to help me learn.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a art question and need guidance to help me learn.https://gcccd.instructure.com/courses/39931/assign… use this link to access the assignmentDirectionsWatch the video.
Complete your activity.
Read the instructions below.
Use the checklist and review the rubric.
Prepare and submit your assignment correctlyActivity #2: Submit the “16-Line Square” DrawingINSTRUCTIONSSubmit the 16-Line Squares drawing per the video directions and upload it per the instructions below. Only submit 16-Line Squares and no other activity.Label your drawing in the upper righthand with:FirstName LastName
Art 100 Section ####
Date: Month, Day, Year
Photograph it so that all four sides are visible against a flat background. This is similar to a mobile bank deposit. Cropped-edge scans are not acceptable.
Rotate the orientation of the drawing so that is it upright. I must be able to see the file right-sided (without having to download it).
Save your image file as a pdf, jpeg, or jpg.
Submit through Canvas.
Use This ChecklistIs your paper folded into 16 squares?
Have you numbered each box and given each box a label?
Have you provided 16 different examples of actual marks, actual lines (not symbols but line qualities of line, such as wavy)?
Does your photo show the artwork on a flat surface with all four edges visible? (Cropped-edge scans are not acceptable).
Is your name visible in the upper right hand corner?
Did you write the course information below your name?
Did you provide the correct course information?
Did you write the date below the course information?
Is your submission rotated so that it is upright (not sideways or upside down) with your name in the right corner?
Have you done the minimum OR have you really gone for it and filled up each square with lines? Did you read the rubric?
Have you done the minimum OR have you taken care to prepare the assignment neatly and correctly?
Did you read the rubric?
Requirements: NA

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