Discussion: PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN PHOTOBefore beginning the Discussion, be sure t

Discussion: PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN PHOTOBefore beginning the Discussion, be sure to view the supplement Web Link Principles of Design.Be sure to remember the Discussion deadline. The link will no longer be available when the Discussion is due.Create Your Photograph:Take a photo about dessert that you think is artistic. Do not use someone else’s already existing photo. Taking inspiration from imagery you find online via Google, Pinterest, Instagram, etc, is fine, but be sure your photo is your very own creation. Your are more than welcome to utilize apps on your phone or software such as Photoshop to manipulate your photo. Perhaps it’s the lighting, angle, or general composition that makes you feel what you captured is artistic. Either is valid. Bottom line, be creative and have fun. Be sure to embed your image/s (just like in the demo below). DO NOT attach the image/s in word doc or pdf files. Attached images that require downloading for viewing will NOT be looked at and the discussion will earn a zero.Embedding Images Into Canvas Discussions (Links to an external site.) Discussion Questions:Refer to Chapters 2 and 3 in your textbook. Chapter 2 discusses the Visual Toolbox. Chapter 3 discusses what are referred to as the Principles of Design. Provide a visual analysis of your very own photo, making use of the principles and terms that you feel apply to your image. Remember to use terms from both Chapters 2 and 3. How do these visual tools and principles make your photograph visually effective? Instructions:Your Discussion experience will come in three parts:Part 1: Take an artstic photo. Manipulation via app is optional. Embed the photo to your thread. Avoid using huge file sizes, they may not upload into Canvas.Part 2: Write a short essay describing how the Visual Toolbox and Principles of Design make your photo visually effective in a short essay format. If you wish to tell us a little about your photo, that is fine, but remember that the purpose of this assignment is to provide a visual analysis.Part 3: Respond to a minimum of 2 other student Threads.Points will be distributed in this manner: Quality Thread: 10 pts max – Your very own thoughts, feelings, and insights are to make up your entries. The better your thread adhered to instructions, and the quality/consideration of answering the questions, the better the points.Engaging Responses: 5 pts max – This regards the level of creative thinking and insightfulness contained within the submission.Spelling/Grammar: 5 pts max – Regards the level of writing and/or any errors contained within.*The purpose of this exercise is to promote critical thinking. Be sure to provide detailed and supportive answers. One word answers like “cool, awesome, lol” are not sufficient.You will be graded on the quality of your posts and responses. Failure to respond to at least 2 posts will cost you points. Be mindful and polite to one another, and more importantly, be creative and have fun.
Requirements: not too short

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