Considering the readings, you may create your own myth, similar to the Native Am

Considering the readings, you may create your own myth, similar to the Native Americans (but not a duplicate!). Focus on the myths and legends of the Cherokee and Creek, but you may pull from any of the warrior or war or historical legends. You can even pull from the mythical creatures legends too, if they are present in the readings. So you must consider the following:
First list the following at the top of the page:
1) Who are your people? You can create your own tribe. Do not use anything from a book or a known piece of literature. Be original.
2) Where are they located?
3) What type of society are they, e.g. nomadic, agrarian, hunter-gatherer, etc?
Remember that what type of society your tribe has dictates the belief systems that foster these legends, so you have to understand your people first before you can write about them. Try to stay within the vein of legends of warriors, war battles, mythical creatures, etc.
1) list the answers to the above questions at the top of your page, so I know who your people are.
2) Write a 300-400 words myth or legend story based on these answers.
Format: MLA, Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced.
Document file format: Please only submit a .doc, .docx, or a .pdf file. Mac files are not read by Blackboard. You have to use Microsoft extensions. Sorry, not my rules.
Discussion Board – Early Native American WritingsDiscussion Board – Early Native American WritingsInitial postReading through the articles in the folder and answer the following questions to the best of your ability:1) What is your general sense of the Early Native American Literature?2) What about current literature? What do you gather from the examples given? What differences do you see?3) What do these examples tell you about the societies that created them?4) And because I love mythology so much, pick one of the Native American myths and explain what is going on (in detail) within the myth. RequirementsWord Count for Initial Post: 250 words or moreFormat: Any material used outside of the provided material in the module must be cited. Responses: You must reply to two classmates and the responses must be at least 100 words in length, as well as thoughtful and meaningful replies. Basically, don’t be vague or shallow in your thoughts, such as “I agree with you. These myths are awesome. Great post!” You know the drill. Give me something good.
Requirements: 300-400 words

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