Learning Goal: I’m working on a art question and need guidance to help me learn.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a art question and need guidance to help me learn.DirectionsWatch the video.
Complete your activity.
Prepare your activity for submission.
Review the rubric.
Submit it correctly.
Activity #1: Submit Your Ex & Squiggle DrawingUse this checklist to review your activity:Is your paper folded in half?
Do you have an ex-drawing on one side and a squiggle-drawing on the other?
Have you given them each a title?
Have you done the minimum OR have you embellished the drawings, elaborated them with a background, and really gone for it?
Follow this checklist to prepare your submission:Handwrite your first and last name in the upper right corner of the page
On next line, write the course name and your section numberArt 100 – Section ####
On the next line, write the date: month, day, and year
Have you done the minimum OR have you taken care to write neatly and legibly?
Have you included your section number? Have you checked WebAdvisor to confirm it? (I don’t respond to emails requesting this information: It is the student’s responsibility.)
Review the rubric.
Follow this checklist to submit your file:Watch How do I Submit an Online Assignment? (Links to an external site.)
Watch How do I Upload a File as an Assignment? (Links to an external site.)
Watch Troubleshooting How to Submit a Canvas Assignment (Links to an external site.)
Place your drawing on a flat surface and take a photo that shows all four edges of the paper. Show the whole sheet so that we are assured it is original work. [No cropped-edged scans].
Save the photo to your phone or computer.
Right-side the photo (rotate if needed).
Right-size the photo (save it as a smaller file size if needed).
Save the file as a jpeg, jpg, or pdf.
Submit the file by the due date.
Follow this checklist to double-check your submission:Return to the assignment and check that the file opens and is right-sided.
If not, edit your assignment and resubmit it.
If you encounter a technical issue, contact CANVAS Support.
Review the rubric again.
Requirements: Na

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