Paper:1 Using your current residence as an example, choose one fire hazard (coff

Paper:1 Using your current residence as an example, choose one fire hazard (coffee pot, candle, etc.) to analyze the confines of the Fire Safety Concepts Tree. Begin by discussing the anticipated fire hazards presented by this item and evaluate its competency as a fire hazard. Next, discuss the protection mechanisms that are in place to ensure that said fire hazard does not cause a fire, or if it does cause a fire, is confined to its relative area of origin. Be very specific and utilize the terminology in the Fire Safety Concepts Tree.Hint: Make sure you have looked through NFPA 550.Papers should follow APA 7th edition formatting and does not have a maximum or minimum page limit.Paper 2:Using the following questions, write a focus paper. Use APA 7th edition formatting. There is no length requirement, but you must be thorough and informative.Part 1: In all aspects of our lives we are weighing cost-benefit of specific actions, whether consciously or subconsiously. This is especially true in regards to risk assessment, for example, there is a risk in driving to work each morning, we do so because internally, the costs of doing so (probability of getting in an accident, cost of gas, stress of traffic, etc.) does not outweigh the benefits (getting paid, keeping job, providing for family, personal satisfaction, etc.).Provide an example of a cost-benefit analysis in terms of fire safety risk assessment. This could be personal or professional. Provide costs and provide benefits and provide your own subjective opinion on which one outweighs the other.Part 2: What is engineering judgment? What does it mean to you personally? Does your ability to make engineering judgment scare you? How can you handle it on a personal basis?
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