use this link to watch the video:

use this link to watch the video: DirectionsThis assignment provides information about the course and explains the method and criteria for earning lecture points throughout the semester.
Watch the welcome video and then, follow the instructions below. In the submission box, type your answer to the lecture prompt. Then, make a statement that you watched the lecture in its entirety for this module. Please use correct capitalization and punctuation.We are operating on the honor system. If an audit later shows that you have misrepresented yourself by making an untrue statement, purposefully or by accident, you will earn a -o- for the lectures. Making a false statement calls into question the sincerity of your other online work and as such, you may earn a failing grade for the whole of the semester. See the syllabus for more information. Prompt: Do you feel sufficiently confident in your English proficiency and in your academic abilities to successfully undertake this online course?
Requirements: 50 words

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