use this link to access the assignment:

use this link to access the assignment: DirectionsRead the prompt, reply below, and then respond to three classmates.
Write at least two sentences for each post.
Be polite in your comments and address your classmate by their name with a salutation, ex. “Hi, Shauntay.”
Use correct capitalization and punctuation. Capitalize and punctuate sentences. Don’t use lower case “i” for the first-person pronoun.
Read the rubric to ensure your success.
Canvas Help: How to Reply to a Discussion as a Student (Links to an external site.)
Canvas Help: How do I view the Rubric for my Graded Discussion as a Student? (Links to an external site.) If you are on your phone, the Rubric may not be easily accessible: your syllabus has a copy of the Discussion rubric.
PromptWhat is one thing from the course syllabus that you are glad to know at the start of the semester? If you haven’t done so yet,download a copy of the syllabus so that you can easily access it throughout the semester.100.FA21 Art Molina_Malia_Syllabus.pdf downloadMinimize File Preview
Requirements: 50 words

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